Thursday, July 16, 2009

Melting Point Radio 7/15/09 Al Green, and the voyage of a SUN

In honor of the lovely summer sun we bring you a SUN themed show (can you tell I just got back from the beach?). Also, first show with a (non-Ayreon, non-cover) non-metal song!

Playlist for Melting Point Radio: Wednesday, Jul 15th, 2009

DJ: Yuletide

10:26 PMal greenaint no sunshinegreatest hits
10:27 PMarkwaking hourburn the sun
10:31 PMcydonianblack sunestranged
10:37 PMdalis dillemmaandromeda sunrisemanifesto for futurism
10:39 PMiron maidenthe flight of icarusthe trooper
10:42 PMdetonationsecond sun ascendingemission phase
10:44 PMsunrise in edenedenbridgethe grand design
10:52 PMdevon townsendsunshine & happinesssynchestra
10:55 PMnightwishsleeping sunhighest hopes
10:59 PMkrisiunmassacre under the sunsouthern storm
11:03 PMmoonlight comedysolar eclipsedorothy
11:11 PMdark tranquillityindifferent sunsexposures in retrospect and denial
11:14 PMsamaelsolar soulsolar soul
11:18 PMstratovariuswill the sun riseepisode
11:23 PMconceptionthe last sunsetthe last sunset
11:28 PMnightragethe glow of the setting sunsweet vengeance
11:31 PMangramillenium sunrebirth
11:37 PMdionysuscloser to the sunanima mundi
11:40 PMintronautsundialprehistoricisms
11:47 PMimmortalsolarfallat the heart of winter
11:54 PMpink floydset the controls for the heart of the suna saucerful of secrets

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Melting Point Radio 7/8/09: Songs that inspire us to ROCK! Guitar, keys, drums, and bass, oh my!

These are songs that inspire the best in us. They make us want to join the bands on stage, take up an instrument, and add our own little something to the mayhem. Any instrument is fair game. We've divided things up a bit between instruments, or at least inserted our own commentary for most of the songs, so give a listen... then respond in the comments with your thoughts, and certainly any songs we left out!

Due to the nature of the genre, there is a preponderance of guitar songs. Oh, and both DJ's Yuletide and Jack actually DID begin playing guitar because of THESE SONGS! Jack made us proud, having had the honor to shred Episode 666 (see playlist) in front of a live audience at none other than the WORCESTER PALLADIUM, perhaps the MOST METAL venue ever (insert citation here...)?

Disclosure of DANGER:

This show may inspire reckless amounts of air drumming, with feet thundering mercilessly on dual air-bass-drums; air-shredding leading to fingers air-bleeding; and of course fingers fluttering at supersonic speeds along air-keyboards until complete air-dislocation. You have been WARNED!

Playlist for Melting Point Radio: Wednesday, Jul 8th, 2009

DJ: Yuletide

10:30 PMNightwishCome Cover MeWishmasterrequest
10:32 PMIn FlamesThe Jesters DanceThe Jester Racerequest
10:35 PMSymphony XCommunion And The OracleVrequest
10:43 PMChildren of BodomChildren Of BodomHatebreederrequest
10:48 PMLiquid Tension ExperimentAcid RainLiquid Tension Experiment 2request
10:56 PMDimmu BorgirBlessings Upon The Throne of TyrannyPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropiarequest
11:00 PMArch EnemyEnemy WithinWages Of Sinrequest
11:05 PMHelloweenMission MotherlandThe Time of the Oathrequest
11:14 PMIn FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclerequest
11:17 PMAndy TimmonsI Have No IdeaEar-X-Tacyrequest
11:19 PMNightwishSacrament of WildernessOceanbornrequest
11:24 PMChildren of BodomChildren of DecadenceFollow the Reaperrequest
11:29 PMPagans MindAegan ShoresCelestial Entrancerequest
11:34 PMLamb Of GodBeating On Deaths DoorSacramentrequest
11:43 PMDecapitatedSpheres of MadnessNihilityrequest
11:48 PMInto EternitySplintered VisionsBuried in Oblivionrequest
11:57 PMNightwishMoondance
11:57 PMQuo VadisSilence Calls the Storm
Defiant Imagination
12:01 AMIn FlamesMoonshieldThe Jester Racerequest
12:08 AMSex MachinegunsJACKYCAMERONrequest
12:15 AMMechanical PoetThe Dead, The Living and the CityCreepy Tales For Freaky Childrenrequest
12:21 AMChildren of BodomTrashed, Lost, and StrungoutAre You Dead Yet?request
12:27 AMToolAenemaAenima

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

We're Back! The Best Vocalists in METAL! 7/1/09

Playlist for Melting Point Radio: Wednesday, Jul 1st, 2009

Download this show at

9:43 PMIron MaidenAces HighPowerslaverequest
9:46 PMJudas PriestJudas RisingAngel of Retributionrequest
9:50 PMTwilightningDiamonds of MankindPlague House Puppet Showrequest
9:55 PMLost HorizonLost in the Depths of MeA Flame to the Ground Beneathrequest
10:09 PMSymphony XA Winters DreamThe Damnation Gamerequest
10:10 PMImpellitteriEverything Is YouEve of the Hurricainerequest
10:21 PMKamelotNights of ArabiaOne Cold Winters Nightrequest
10:21 PMPagans MindThe Seven Sacred PromisesCelestial Entrancerequest
10:32 PMFalconerUpon the Grave of GuiltFalconerrequest
10:33 PMNocturnal RitesShadowlandShadowlandrequest
10:40 PMNightwishOcean SoulCentury Childrequest
10:41 PMNightwishAmaranthDark Passion Playrequest
10:45 PMTherionMidgardSecret of the Runesrequest
10:50 PMNightwishPhantom of the OperaCentury Childrequest
10:54 PMKing DiamondSpiritsAbigal II - The Revengerequest
10:59 PMBeyond TwilightSleeping BeautySection Xrequest
11:07 PMKillswitch EngageHoly Diver (Dio)
11:11 PMLamb of GodWalk With Me In HellSacramentrequest
11:15 PMInto EternitySpiralling into DepressionBuried in Oblivionrequest
11:19 PMQuo VadisSilence Calls The StormDefiant Imaginationrequest
11:22 PMArch EnemyMy ApocalypseManifesto of Arch Enemyrequest
11:27 PMQueensrycheI Don't Believe in LoveOperation: Mindcrimerequest
11:32 PMDimmu BorgirThe Serpentine OfferingIn Sorte Diabolirequest
11:37 PMAeonMorbid Desire to BurnBleeding the Falserequest
11:39 PMDecapitatedSpheres of MadnessNihilityrequest
11:45 PMChildren of BodomPunch Me I BleedAre You Dead Yet?request
11:50 PMPagans MindAt The Graves (King Diamond)Infinity Divinerequest
12:00 AM3 Inches of BloodDeadly SinnersAdvance and Vanquishrequest

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Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Winter Edition Podcast Exclusive!

This show at

9:50 PMImmortalAt the Heart of WinterAt the Heart of Winter
9:56 PMLuca TurilliLord of the Winter SnowKing of the Nordic Twilight
10:02 PMAbigorCold Void ChoirFractal Possession
10:10 PMWintersunBeyond the Dark SunWintersun
10:14 PMKamelotOn the Coldest Winters NightEpica
10:17 PMFall of the LeafeWithin the Everfrozen WinternightEvanescent, Everfading
10:24 PMNortherFrozen AngelNo Way Back
10:29 PMAmorphisBlack Winter DayTales from the Thousand Lakes
10:33 PMDemons & WizardsWinter of SoulsDemons & Wizards
10:40 PMAt the GatesColdSlaughter of the Soul
10:41 PMSymphony XA Winters Dream (Ascension Part 2)The Damnation Game
10:45 PMCatameniaIced OverWinternight Tragedies
10:51 PMInto EternityTimeless WinterThe Scattering of Ashes
10:55 PMIron MaidenFear of the DarkBest of the Beast
11:01 PMDissectionFrozenThe Rebirth of Dissection

Also a bonus this week: outtakes!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Exams (Stress) & Thanksgiving (Genocide)... No Thanks

4:04 PMIron MaidenPurgatoryKillers
4:09 PMEdge of SanityTwilightPurgatory Afterglow
4:12 PMPain of SalvationStressEntropia
4:16 PMScar SymmetryDeviate From the FormPitch Black Progress
4:30 PMTexturesMillstoneDrawing Circles
4:31 PMTwilightningAt the ForgeDelirium Veil
4:33 PMIced EarthStand AloneSomething Wicked This Way Comes
4:35 PMPersefoneTrain of ConsequencesCorerotation
4:37 PMSteve VaiDown Deep Into The PainSex & Religion
4:46 PMIron MaidenRun To the HillsA Real Dead Onerequest
4:53 PMAmon AmarthFree Will SacrificeTwilight of the Thunder God
4:56 PMDream EvilInto The MoonlightThe Book of Heavy Metal
4:56 PMNevermoreDead Heart in a Dead WorldDead Heart in a Dead World
5:09 PMDimmu BorgirCataclysm ChildrenDeath Cult Armageddon
5:17 PMPagan's MindAegean ShoresCelestial Entrance
5:20 PMDream EvilTiredThe Book of Heavy Metal
5:24 PMAmoralNervasionReptile Ride
5:28 PMBlind GuardianCarry The Blessed HomeA Twist in the Myth

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