Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well everyone, it's been a great run, and I hope you've enjoyed the show these past few years... With tear-filled eyes I must now give you the sad news: indeed, Melting Point Radio will be taking a short break, to return en force in the Spring of 2008!

Jack will be in New Zealand spreading metal to the high and lowlands, while Alex heads to the steppes of Mongolia, and Toby will hold the fort back in Vermont.

With love and Heavy Metal
-Melting Point Radio

p.s. our last few shows were nothing special, but I'll still post the podcasts eventually, for now I leave you with this sexy little logo I just cooked up for the Metalheads Against Racism project, feel free to take a copy and pass it on, and if you wanna be real nice tell everyone to listen to our show! I'll make some more when I get a few spare minutes and will post them here as well. Yay.

Metalheads Against Racism

Aaand because the border looked stupid on that one, here's one with no grey border around it:

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